Manufacturer: Alaskan Gourmet Treat Company

Type: Treats

Size: 1.4 oz Bag

Overview: Jammin' Salmon dog & cat treats are all natural, dried salmon pieces. Full of Omega-3, Jammin' Salmon are a healthy treat for your pet as either a training aid, or a supplement to a healthy diet.

Jammin' Salmon is dried to the point where it won't spoil when stored at room temperature. There are no preservatives added.

Contains only Wild Alaskan Salmon which does not contain antibiotics or hormones which can be found in farmed fish.

Jammin' Salmon is a delicious & healthy treat for your dog or cat. Cats and dogs are true carnivores, and with 63% protein, Jammin' Salmon is satisfying, too.

Independent laboratory tests have concluded that each 40g (1 oz.) bag contains 720 mg of Omega-3. Omega-3 has been proven to reduce heart attacks, strokes, arthritis, diabetes and some cancers. Jammin' Salmon contains as much Omega-3 as some nutritional supplements. Omega-3 is an important component in your pet's holistic well being

Finally, Jammin Salmon are crunchy, promoting good dental hygiene

Jammin Salmon is prepared in a hygienic plant, with nothing but 'human grade' ingredients. Our pets are our friends, would you serve them anything less?

Our Price: $3.99