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Healthy Pooch Promotes Controlling Fleas...

the Natural Way

The dog days of summer are here and so are the pests that accompany the season - fleas and ticks. Fleas are those nasty microscopic insects that wreak havoc in pet owner's households nationwide. Fleas hitch a ride on your pet and then simultaneously multiply by laying eggs in your carpets, bedding and even in floor crevices.

The team at Healthy are holistic health advocates; therefore, we will sell and promote to our customers only those products which contain no chemical or pesticide based ingredients. Chemically based products pose serious health threats to our pets and to humans too. If you check the labels on the myriad of flea-control products available today, you will see the label warning you not to use around children or get them on your skin. Yet, they tell you to work the poison into your dog's coat. These products are systemic which means that they are actually absorbed into your pet's bloodstream and nervous system where they can adversely effect the liver and kidneys. And, since your pet normally licks his fur for hygiene, this creates even a more direct and hazardous way to absorb the chemicals from these products.

Let's talk Alternatives to Pesticides:

1. Diet: Feed your pet healthy foods, foods that are fresh and whole. Try to avoid meat by-products, gluten, corn meal, preservative and artificial colorings.
Add brewer's yeast, fresh garlic and flaxseed oil to pet food for skin health and as a flea repellent. You can buy organic flaxseed oil at the health food store and it's good for you too or if giving your dogs all these separate ingredients is too time-consuming a task for you, Healthy Pooch comes to the rescue. Our
Vita* Treat Flea Defense is a natural combination of brewers yeast and garlic. Flea Defense also has other nutrients and minerals to maintain a healthy, shiny skin and coat. Another top selling product is Dancing Paws Natural Flea Eze™. These chewable wafers contain brewers yeast, aloe Vera, Evening Primrose oil (containing Gamma Linolenic Acids to promote healthy skin and coat) as well as borage oil powder, another GLA.

Soothe irritated skin from flea bite dermatitis and scratching by using Ark Naturals Neem Bug Free Flea Shampoo™. This shampoo is a gentle, non-drying formulation that releases fleas from the coat and kills them dead. It is safe for dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters and other small mammals.

2. Flea-proof your home: Fleas lay the most eggs on bedding, not on our pets, believe it or not. So vacuum rugs, floor cracks and furniture every two days during the peak season - June through October. Remember flea eggs are still in your vacuum bag so change it after each use. You can put some Boric Acid or Diatomaceous Earth in your bag; this will insure that the fleas will die in the bag.

3. Please choose herbal flea repellents: Fleas hate the essential oils of Lavender, Citronella, Rosemary, Peppermint and Cedarwood. Use cotton balls bathed in these oils between your seat cushions and under pet's bedding.

And, Bethurum's Sweet Shirley Flea & Tick Powder, is another great alternative. Sweet Shirley is a blend of diatomaceous earth (explained in item 2), bacteria-free talc and the essential oil, Citronella. This product can be safely sprinkled on animals, carpets and yard areas for maximum effectiveness against fleas and ticks.

4. Bathe your pets regularly during summer. Again, you can use Ark Naturals Bug Free Neem Shampoo or Halo's Cloud Nine Herbal Dip. Cloud Nine is non-toxic and can be used as a spray for pet's bedding area. Sweet Shirley's Organic Shampoo and Lotions also kill fleas and are formulated for gentle cleansing.

5. Frontline: Healthy Pooch now carries Frontline Topspot at a significant saving. We highly advocate this product because it is non-systemic. It cannot be absorbed into your pet's bloodstream. It forms a protective shield in and around your pet's coat. When the flea or tick bites, it dies and eggs can not be deposited.

Frontline Topspot is available in 3 dose packages, with different weight requirements depending on your dog or cat. This product is vet recommended.

6. Last and not least: if you have a flea infestation that is out of control, use low toxicity pesticides. Buy only those derived from natural sources like Pyrethrum or pyrethrins (crushed chrysanthemum blossoms). This is mildly to moderately toxic to humans and pets. However products containing small amounts of pyrethrum don't pose serious risks though don't keep using it on a regular basis or you will probably see an allergic reaction of some kind. Learn to read labels; this is very important.

Another anti-flea treatment contains something called limonene. This is an extract derived from lemon and mandarin orange peels that has caused tumors in male rats so I'm told. Be careful if you're buying shampoos. Limonene shampoos are harmful to our kitties.

Remember, fleas and ticks need a host to attach themselves to and that host is usually a dog or cat with a weakened immune system or lacking in a specific nutrient. We cannot stress enough that diet is of utmost importance. Change your pet's diet to a healthier one; add some of our featured manufacturer's supplements to your pet's diet and brush your pet regularly to keep the natural oils flowing in their coats.

If you approach this in a positive manner, you will survive flea season without a hitch…literally.

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Have a happy flea-free summer.

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